Delivery from East-Legon to Tema
will cost an estimate of about GHS20

A logistics solution for you and your business


Fast, safe and reliable motorcycle dispatch riders for delivering:

šŸ“ Documents
šŸ„” Packaged food orders
šŸ‘œ Fashion apparels

Delivery Vans

Safe and reliable delivery vans for delivering:

šŸ–„ļø Mid-sized appliances
šŸ„¬ Agricultural products
šŸ—ļø Construction and Manufacturing items


Safe, reliable and comfortable Cars for delivering:

šŸŽ‚ Cakes
šŸŽ Gift items
šŸ’Š Pharmaceutical products etc.

Boxconn helps Businesses grow

Whether you are an E-commerce vendor, run an online shop or a manufacturing business, Boxconn provides
end-to-end logistics solutions helping you grow your business.


First mile/Last mile Delivery

From final consumers to supply providers, Boxconn helps you ensure the logistics of your business from start to finish.



Every delivery with Boxconn is protected with an insurance policy the moment your goods arrive in our hands.


24/7 Support

Boxconn is always available to provide supoort for all your questions and inquiries before, during and after your delivery orders.


Live Delivery Updates

With live tracking and timely updates, Boxconn easily provides reliable delivery from the moment a driver is assigned to you until your goods are safely delivered.

Our Promise to customers

Boxconn transparently connects Businesses that require logistics services with nearest reliable Partners that efficiently provides for their services. We understand that the importance of logistics to every business and we have committed resources to make sure every business gets answers to all their logistics questions.
Businesses can focus on the core of their operations while we handle the responsibilty of making sure their customers get their goods as and at when they are needed.

Make a Delivery
Where can Boxconn deliver to?

Boxconn provides safe and easy delivery options across Accra and its environs.

What are the delivery size limitations?

Size limitations are different for each individual service from motorcycles to pickup vans and trucks. There are no limitations. Really!

Can I track my deliveries?

Yes, you can! From the moment a driver is assigned to your delivery through their trip and to the final delivery of the goods to the customer.

What People Say

100% Satisfied Customers

Boxconn takes care of our distribution process and I really enjoyed their service.

Akua, Instagram Vendor

I really enjoyed Boxconn's services as they helped take away the stress of delivery.


Your service is affordable...Iā€™d definitely recommend to others.

Abba Gyamfi, Business Owner

A really straightforward process.

Very fine experience. I would recommend to others anytime any day. Thanks so much.

Richlove, Business Owner

Professional customer service and service delivery.